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    why is it called “coming out of the closet”? what were u doing in the closet anyway?? 

    sucking cock

    not to be racist but my best friend is gay and i do not think she would appreciate that comment.

    since when is homosexuality a race 

    She said she wasn’t being racist do you even read

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    how many “friend-zoned” guys does it take to change a light bulb? None they’ll just compliment it and get pissed when it won’t screw. 

    this is the best joke ever

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    If you’re a boy who walked up to younger/nerdier girls in the hallway during high school and said “hey my friend thinks you’re cute” and then burst into giggles along with said friend then I really hope you’re doing badly in life

    people like this are the reason i cant believe anyone calling me pretty.

    the last comment just hurts so bad cause I can relate so much 

    i feel this.

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  4. "I’d be hers, if she asked."

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    I’m Just Waiting For You To Ask.

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  5. lanashiftdelrey:

    when one of your best friends is sad but they won’t talk to you about it




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    • friend:   ever since i started having sex i think i might be into super kinky stuff
    • me:   oh really like what
    • friend:   idk my bf handcuffed me last night
    • me:   whoa that really is kinky
    • me internally:   weak
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    The original is good, the comment is STUNNING. Love it!

    So, basically, this is a symbolic representation of internalized misogyny:

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  7. "I am a very private person, yet I am an open book.
    If you don’t ask…I won’t tell."

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