1. lmaoalien:

    i am the human version of the first piece of bread

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  2. mamayuuma:

    "what will your kids think of that tattoo?"
    my kids aren’t going to give 2 shits because i’m not going to raise them to be a judgmental asshole like yours did

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  3. sloth-grunge:

    i would pay like $7 and one of my family members to be attractive

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  4. going from “today is a good day” to “i hate my life” takes me approximately 2.6 seconds

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  7. sadeon:

    if your girlfriend is cold, be a gentleman. put her in the oven for 40 minutes on 350. check often and serve plain or with white gravy

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  8. hotdad-erwinsmith:

    fellas to my left…honeys on my right…folks who don’t fit into the gender binary levitate above me in cool poses…

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